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Resolution - Use Video in Marketing, Advertising, and Market Research

Use of Video Enhances & Extends Consumer Engagement


New Year's resolution

Resolve to Make More Market Research Videos

Pkruger © Dreamstime.com 2011

Why should market researchers resolve to create more quality videos in the next year? Nielsen surveyed 27,000 consumers in 55 countries to learn how they watch video. The cross-platform consumption of video has grown astronomically as consumers have demonstrated a strong interest in video-delivery of entertainment and all types of information. Changes in technology have enhanced both the video experience and the convenience and ease of accessing video. Consumers' enjoyment and appreciation of video is everywhere evident on the Web. In their research, Nielsen found that as the consumption of online video content in the United States has escalated, women who are between 25 to 44 years of age have been some of the most devoted viewers of video content. As a demographic group, these women have given video adoption substantive lift. Market researchers would do well to integrate video into their research processes.

Market research is attached to technology with a grip not unlike VelcroTM. Small changes in technology create substantial changes in market research. Disruptive changes in technology generate paradigmatic changes in market research. The digital world is now a mobile world and the future of market research is inextricably linked to that fact.

Video Embedded in Market Research - Data Collection and Results Reporting

Video appeals to users of digital platforms more than ever, at least in part due to technology advances that reliably make quality streaming video easy to access. Ethnographic videos can be used for market testing, product testing, and concept development. Online diary-based research is another form of market research that is well-adapted to mobile digital device platforms. Like ethnographic videos, the larger consumer context can be captured, including promotions and media that may have triggered the occasion that is the focus of the diary entry.

With mobile digital device diary market research, it becomes possible to capture out-of home behaviors associated with brand engagement. In addition, as consumers complete their mobile diary entries, the emotions and attitudes associated with point-of-experience are recorded. The resulting longitudinal digital diary captures rich detail about an occasion that is associated with a diary entry. Because the consumer does not have to rely on recall, the diary method picks up preferences and specific behaviors that are often missed by other market research methods.

Two market research providers with specialization in ethnographic videos and mobile digital device surveys are listed below.

Mobile Changes the Rules for Market Research

Market research formats are rapidly evolving and, more than ever before, market research must go where consumers go. And market research must appeal to consumers on platforms they like and use. Surveys research is a good example of how technological flux is altering the work of market researchers. Large market research providers like Nielsen have already moved into the hybrid audience realm, offering integrated multichannel market research to clients.

Consumer insights will increasingly be drawn from multiple sources and integrated through logic processing. Point-of-sale, ethnographic diaries, customer relationship management (CRM) databases, social media activity, and research panel profiles are part of the constellation of data sources that will be integrated through sophisticated, proprietary algorithms.

Survey participants will be routed to relevant questions through the use of intricate decision trees that utilize participants' consumer behavior and previous revealed consumer preferences. The sort of embedded advertising used by digital media entertainment enterprise, like RockYouTM, will be used for market research. Participants won't have to wait to get an incentive in the mail as special offers will be electronically available to respondents as they progress through surveys to completion.

The Re-Definition of Market Re-Search

With the advent of social media networking, market research changes hands. Instead of "belonging" to market research provider firms, market research began to be steered by consumers. Word-of-mouth developed a new level of clout on social media networks. Inbound marketing clearly showed who was at the helm. Mobile digital platforms hit a new-found stride. In response to the technological changes --and the expansion of a menu of market research possibilities -- resource-rich clients are redefining market research. The demand for market research that with mobile platforms and mega-database capabilities is dominating the industry.

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