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Putting Inbound Marketing to Work - Social Media Research


Deconstructing Social Media Data for Qualitative Research:


Social media research provides a wealth of information about consumers, brand advocates, and social networking influencers. But much of the value of the data is lost if it used only to flesh out quantitative metrics dashboards. Extracting social media research data to use in focused traditional research can yield valuable consumer insights.


Customer Engagement Defines Inbound Marketing:


To be able to capitalize on social media as a marketing tool, customers must be positively engaged with a brand. When marketers and advertisers pay attention to user-generated content, they can learn how to approach customer engagement, how to change tact as customers move through the engagement "funnel" and how to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with customers.


Social Entertainment Media Perfects Brand Integration:


Social entertainment media is living up to and surpassing its promise as an advertising platform. Social gamers have a high tolerance for game-based ads -- in fact, they seem to like them. RockYou is on the cutting edge of the social entertainment media world and they are partnering with market research firms like Interpret to generate insights about social gamers.


The Virtues of Virtual Marketing:


Once upon a time, you probably dreamed of a virtual immersive retail store like elitemarket. You expected it to be fast -- and it is. You expected it to offer extraordinary products -- and it does. You wanted to linger -- and now you can. Visit elitemarket to see how market research can be collected while online shoppers browse the luxury goods.


Technology-Based Social Media Research:

Social media research must evolve right along with changes in technology. It is imperative that analytical techniques be embedded in innovative social media strategies. Users are unlikely to accept add-ons for analytical purposes, nor will the technology stand still for it. Younger users of social media platforms tend to have high use rates for mobile devices - a channel with an exceptional level of innovation. Here, we focus on three platforms: Check-in, Twitter, and 2D Code.


Online Video Market Research:


The influence of online videos can be tracked by using platforms such as TubeMogul and VidMetrix. Or the services of a company that measures brand advertising effectiveness, such as Vizu.


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