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Brand Equity Basics Every Business Needs to Know

Brand equity represents the links between a branded product or service, consumer perceptions, and the relative position of a brand in a market place.

5 Things That Take Ad Campaigns to the Top

The Most Interesting Man of Dos Equis fame is case study in creative advertising. The ads work because they feed consumers aspirational self-images.

Boost Business Revenue By Courting Boomers

Market research shows that Boomers are a prime target market for nearly all markets. Don't miss the Boomer boat. Take time to tune-up your marketing.

Agencies That Acknowledge Age Is Advertising Asset

Baby boomers are a lucrative market that is not being well tapped by advertising agencies. Businesses that wear boomer blinders lose sales revenue.

Sponsored Content Creates New Rules for Advertisers

Online magazines try to differentiate, but dependence on advertising makes them more of a commodity. Will Yahoo! be different or same old, same old?

Tell Short Stories for Marketing Punch

The Ritz hotel chain is collecting six-word wow stories from employees and guests. Brand truth in six words. It is simply brilliant marketing story.

How to Avoid the Dilution Effect in Marketing Messages

The power of storytelling is clearly demonstrated in the marketing challenge of selling the benefits of vegetables to kids. Avoid this word: healthy.

Market Research for Healthy Snack Fans

Healthy snacks are showing up in vending machines and in mailboxes at home, at work, and at college. The healthy food movement has mainstream marketing.

A Guide to Conducting Market Research

Short cuts to market research can result in short-sighted outcomes. Market research does not have to be lock-step, but must be thoughtfully conceived.

Market Research Review - Take the Test

Review your marketing plan for optimization. Check the performance of survey questions, ad metrics, creative differentiation, and research plan.

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