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Why Do People LIKE a Facebook Page?

Saturday March 29, 2014
happy face hot air balloon If You're Happy And You Know It, LIke the Page

The word "Like" used to be a filler word, like "uh" or "um" that people in the (mostly) Millennium generation spoke, without really thinking or caring about how it sounds. Now, of course, the word "Like" stands in for an endorsement of a product, service, or brand in a social media platform. The Chicago-based market research company Lab42 reports that 87 percent of Facebook users Like brands and 50 percent of the users say the Facebook pages are more useful to them the Websites associated with the brand. And all this "Liking" behavior is tracked in real-time by analysts who use aggregators to monitor social media traffic.

Consumers who report that Facebook serves as a good location for consumer-brand engagement - roughly 82 percent- also say that they don't think brands pay much attention to what consumers say on Facebook pages. Read More...

Be Careful How You Crowdsource Ratings

Monday March 24, 2014
heart made of finger Vs grietgriet | Morguefile

Consumers do a lot of online research when they are considering making a purchase. Market segmentation is based on data that comes from this type of active consumer researching prior to making a purchase. Consumer reviews of products and services consistently attract the attention of consumers as they conduct their research. Customer reviews are like gold, and consumers appear to look for four or five star ratings as reliable measures of the value or worth of a product.

The online star rating systems generally allow consumers to select a certain number of stars, Read More...

Put On a New Advertising Face to Increase Earnings

Wednesday February 26, 2014
carnival ladies Spring is All About Changes and Choices Courtesy, Hajnalka Papp © 2009, Stock.xchng

Spring is a time of fundamental change, and commerce capitalizes on these changes in numerous ways. There are the decisions consumers associate with Mardi Gras. Religious consumers have a lot of choices to make during Lent. And Easter brings the everlasting decision about whether to eat the ears off the chocolate bunny...or not.

Every springtime tradition seems to have a merchandizing correlate. Read More...

So You Think You Don't Need Market Research

Wednesday February 26, 2014
green nail polish What Is Your Favorite Flavor (Color) of Kool-Aid? Or, Why You Should Jettison Conventional Wisdom for Market Research

Courtesy JessicaGale | morgueFile

In this day of instantaneous access to consumer thinking through social media, there are many who would like merchants to think that market research is fast becoming a dinosaur. Who is likely to drink this kool-aid?


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