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Virtual Shopping Coming to a Railroad Station Near You

If consumers can't come to the grocery store, the grocery store will come to consumers. Peapod.com introduces virtual shopping at the train station.

Do-It-Yourself Qualitative Data Analysis (QDR) in Market Research

Ordinary word processing software supports qualitative data analysis by coding, indexing, global editing, quantifying frequency, and annotating text.

Case Study - How to Connect Market Research and Business Strategy

Market research is a key support to business strategy as this case study shows by linking Porter's Five Forces to market research to competitive edge.

Case Study - CBS Outdoor Offers Out-of-Home Advertising

Out-of-Home advertising includes billboards, bus-railroad media, mobile signs, sports media, street furniture or walls, blimps or other aerial media.

Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research methods vary in philosophy and practice. It is important to find a good match between the research problems and research methods.

Target Market Segmentation in Travel and Hospitality

The travel industry relies heavily on market segmentation and customer personas for target marketing and develop attractive promotional packages.

4 Ways to Demonstrate Research Reliability to Clients

Be ready to explain reliability and validity to your market research clients. Understand how reliability is measured and how to increase reliability.

5 Types of Validity That Can Impact Your Research

Validity is especially important in quantitative market research. There are five basic types of validity, all of which can impact research outcomes.

Brand Equity Basics Every Business Needs to Know

Brand equity represents the links between a branded product or service, consumer perceptions, and the relative position of a brand in a market place.

5 Things That Take Ad Campaigns to the Top

The Most Interesting Man of Dos Equis fame is case study in creative advertising. The ads work because they feed consumers aspirational self-images.

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