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Social Media Research - iTracks Monitors Starbucks Logo Change

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Meet Your New Muse

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The Bottom Line

This is Research 2.0, says iTracks, and it is intended for the "user-generated content crowd." Approximately 50 market research service providers partner with iTracks in order to offer the technological platforms and social media research expertise needed in the marketing world. iTracks user-friendly Web site is worth exploring. Be sure to try out the MarkIt demo right on the iTracks Web site. Its free and fun.


  • Hands-on testing of MarkIt on iTracks Web site.
  • iTracks offers comprehensive menu of social media research services.
  • Ready access to consumer panels and polls through iTrack's USA Talk Now.


  • You can play all the video testimonials on their Web site at once. It's too much fun!


  • iTracks focus groups come in three flavors: Online, bulletin board, and video. One is sure to meet your needs.
  • iTracks Talk Now application fosters easy access to insight communities. Two options are Talk Now Panels and Talk Now Polls.
  • iTracks monitors social media data in real-time. Market researchers can gain brand intelligence and competitive intelligence.

Guide Review - Social Media Research - iTracks Monitors Starbucks Logo Change

One of the most challenging decisions for a social media research may well be trying to determine how to measure brand equity. A rising tide of online market research service providers may add to the confusion. Because we are market researchers, we know that too many options can freeze decision-making. The social media channels provide a practical example of how to deal with the problem of too much information – listen to key influencers. Where do we find those key influencers? A little introspection can help here? What brands engage you as a consumer? What marketing caught your eye?

Warren Buffett says, “You must be committed to truly understanding…[the] company inside and out.” Maybe you do this by visiting the physical plant and observing transactions as a customer. So, too, might a market researcher need to tune-up his or her investigative skills and do a deep dive into favorite brands.

Social Media Research Case Study – Starbucks 40th Anniversary Logo Change

Starbucks commissioned Lippincott to help with its 40th Anniversary product and logo rebranding. Customers were, predictably, all over the place in their feedback. New neatly clipped each categorical customer complaint. Brand evaluation is their business. Brand New exhibits a citizen journalism flavor, existing only to critique new brands and brand redesign. Brand New likes and understands the changes that Starbucks made, but how do they measure up with consumers?

iTracks took a comprehensive approach to measuring customer feedback. Using their patented "social media monitoring application" iTracks dove right into the fray. They categorized comments from dozens of social media channels, ultimately arriving at a percentage for customers who were positive about the change, negative about the change, or neutral about the logo change.

Next, iTracks developed questions for a sample of Starbucks customers. They used their panel of survey participants, called USA Talk Now, to elicit evaluations of the logo. The panelists used a technology called MarkIt that records response actual responses in call-outs that are associated with specific parts of an image. The image evaluation activity is reported as a heatmap and the summary results are quite clear. In the Starbucks logo change study, panelists liked the face-star-crown area of the Starbucks siren. But they did not like the white space surrounding the siren or, more to the point, they did not like the absence of the rings-name-stars that were on the old logo.

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